Typography Scale / Rachel Been Q&A

Photos by Automattic Design John Maeda: So why is typography an important element in Material Design? Rachel Been: A majority of digital products and websites consist of typography. Type represents a high percentage of everything you see on the Internet. In order to make both the web and digital products more legible and enjoyable, it’s […]

Elevation Table / Kunal Patel Q&A

John Maeda: What is “elevation” in Material Design? Kunal Patel: “Elevation” expresses in a two-dimensional interface what we like to think of the interface as existing in three dimensions. The z-space becomes a really good canvas within which to tell what’s important in an application with regards to what can move and what can stay […]

Material Components / Kunal Patel Q&A

Photographs by Automattic Design John Maeda: So there’s a lot of life-size things here in this exhibition. How does that feel for you overall as more of a screen-based designer? Kunal Patel: Scale as a method for creating emphasis. Right? It’s interesting to see what blowing something up to a larger-than-life scale does to make […]